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C R Y P T : OathPCC's 3rd Mystery deck

On Sunday 15 March 10:00 am EDT

We proudly invite you to explore C R Y P T:


Oath’s 3rd mystery deck, the most secretive and exciting of all!


It’s not just a deck, it’s an invitation to a secret world.

And the mystery must remain.

We will not reveal it  -Neither should you.


If you decide to become one of the “lucky few”,

don’t show photos of the deck in public.

Talk about it, describe your feelings but don’t show pictures.

Anyone with the desire to unveil the mystery should pay the fare.

Like you did.

Why? Because this deck is made for you.

It’s your secret. Our secret.

Every detail is carefully designed to bring you such joy and excitement that no photo can convey.


C R Y P T  is the summit of our playing card production thus far.

 If you want the deck, you shouldn't miss it and for that we came up with the following 3 purchasing options, all of them with free shipping:


-  $110  Pay the total amount now. Shipping 15 of April.

-  $120: Reserve your copy. $60 now and  another $60 on the 10th of April

-  $130: Late bird. Limited to very few decks that will become available on the 10th of April. Last chance, after which

may Ebay have mercy on you!


C R Y P T will be available for preorder through www.oathplayingcards.com and the sale will last exactly 72 hours starting from

Sunday 15 March at 10:00am EDT


There is no limit in the number of decks you can get and

there will be no other editions, test prints or anything else.

It's one-off and once the sale is over it's gone forever.


All decks will be signed and numbered.